Protecting your home from the elements

It can be easy to assume that the purpose of painting your home is simply to make it look more appealing to yourself and your neighbors. However, making the choice to paint the exterior of your home not only adds to its value and its overall appeal, but can also help to protect it from outside elements. This is especially important for homes in areas where the weather can be harsh, such as the rainy Pacific Northwest. In Portland, performing regular maintenance on the outside of your house helps to protect it from the wind, cold, and especially the rainy, damp weather we experience so many months out of the year. This can include, but is not limited to caulking, dry rot repair, the removal of peeling/flaking/bubbling paint, and painting of the full exterior with a quality primer and paint product.


Older homes, such as those in the Laurelhurst, Irvington, and Alameda require regular upkeep to keep them protected from the often harsh northwest elements. Loose and peeling paint on homes leaves room for water and moisture to enter and lead to dry rot. While this can be an easy fix on the outside of a home, dry rot can quickly enter the structure of a house and lead to lasting damage that is much harder to take care of.

It is also necessary when painting a house to first prime all bare wood or stucco areas of the house; this seals the surface of the house to provide a smooth and solid base coat for a longer-lasting paint job. Caulking the home is also essential, as it helps to seal the gaps […]

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Choosing new colors for the exterior of your home

Summer may be slowly drawing to a close, but fortunately there is still plenty of sunshine to enjoy and plenty of time left for exterior painting! Weinmann Painting has had the opportunity to work on some gorgeous homes this past summer, and in the process we have come across some really great exterior color schemes. We understand how tough it can be to choose a color (or two, or three) for your home, so we wanted to showcase a few different ideas based on homes that we have painted this summer.


This first home showcases two Miller Historic colors that complement each other beautifully, and work well on the layout of the house. The trim color (Miller Historic #H0017 “Andover Cream”) perfectly picks up the warmth in the body color (Miller Historic #H0082), and ensures that this home gives off a warm glow no matter what time of year it is.


This bungalow-style home got a classically beautiful makeover with a sharp gray body color (Benjamin Moore Historic color #HC-166 “Kendall Charcoal”), which contrasted nicely with the smooth white trim (Miller Evolution color #E0132W “Whisper”). This dark, classic gray is a wonderful color choice for anyone looking for a modern spin on a traditional color scheme.


For anyone looking to add a fun pop of color to a home, front doors are a great way to jazz up the color scheme on any home! This gorgeous blue body color (Benjamin Moore #AF-505 “Blue Echo”) paired with the crisp white trim (Benjamin Moore #AF-45 “Collector’s […]

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How to choose the best painter for your home

The sun has decided to make quite the appearance here in Portland, and if you’re like any other Portlandian, you are out soaking up every ounce possible. Kids are playing outdoors, neighbors are getting together for barbeques, and grown-ups are noticing that the exteriors of their homes, which they may not have seen since last summer, may be in need of a touch-up or even a full repaint. The problem is, choosing the right painter for your project can be a daunting task. Hopefully the tips listed below will help you narrow down the dizzying array of choices to find someone whose price, style and commitment to your project will leave you feeling comfortable in trusting that company with your home.

Beige house NE Portland Weinmann Painting

Explore your options

There are lots of options when it comes to choosing a house painter, so a great place to start is to ask around for suggestions. Paint stores will know the professionalism, skill, and quality level of the local painters in your area and be able to make recommendations based on what type of project you’re doing. Ask any friends, neighbors, and acquaintances with recent paint jobs which company they chose, what their experience was like, and if they would recommend them. Last but certainly not least, do some research online. Look up reviews of painting companies in your area, check out their websites, and do some exploring to see which companies may have worked on projects similar to your own.

Meet with an estimator and get all your questions answered

When it comes time to set up appointments with estimators, make sure you are meeting with them in person […]

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What Does the Color of Your Front Door Say About Your Home?

Whether we realize it or not, the colors with which we surround ourselves reveal quite a bit about our personalities and who we are as individuals. That shiny new Porsche painted fire engine red announces to the world that you have arrived, and you’re not afraid to show off your feisty, energetic personality! Your favorite gray T-shirt, the one you’ve had since college and can’t seem to get rid of, sends the message that you are timeless, with a calming presence. A pop of electric orange in the tie you wear with an otherwise-sedate work suit suggests to the world that you’re ambitious, and perhaps secretly a social butterfly.

Color is a powerful psychological tool that has the ability to express a wide range of emotions and impressions to the viewer. From what we wear to what we drive to the color we choose to paint our homes, color gives insight to how we view ourselves and how we want to be presented to the world. So it’s only natural that the color we choose to paint our front door, the entry way to our home, sends a message to guests and passerby about how we ourselves may view our household.



The color red symbolizes energy, passion, ambition, and strength. On a front door, it conveys a welcoming message, as well as symbolizing luck and success; in Scotland, homeowners often paint their front door red to signify that they have paid off their mortgage. Homeowners who paint their door in this vibrant, exciting hue are not afraid of standing out on the block!


Interior Color Paint Trends of 2015

Have you ever stepped into a room and felt a subtle wave of happiness and relaxation sweep over you? Have you ever wanted to spend all day lounging in a room that brings you a feeling of calm and serenity, a room that makes you feel at peace? Likewise, have you ever been in a room that makes you feel anxious or even gloomy? Most likely, a large part of what brought those feelings to the surface in those rooms was tied to the color that the walls were painted. As simple as it may seem, color has a huge impact on our response to an object or to a place. It has the power to make us feel happy or anxious, calm or excited, gloomy or uplifted. Near the beginning of each new year, paint companies put forward projections on colors that they believe will be most popular in that coming year based on the popularity of certain paint colors with their clients.

When painting the interior of your home, it is good idea to pay attention to the kind of feeling you want to get in a certain space. The interior color paint trend predictions put forth each year by companies such as Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, and Behr are a great place to start looking for popular color suggestions. 2015 is slated to be the year of color contradictions with organic, earthy hues taking center stage alongside rich, bold wine and jewel tones, frosted pastels, and modern grays.

One of the top paint colors for 2015, as chosen by Pantone, is the luxurious, full-bodied yet subtly seductive […]

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Autumn in Portland

Crisp cool mornings, the crunch of leaves underfoot, the scent of fresh apples and wood smoke, and a riot of colors in the trees; I have to say that Autumn is my favorite season in Portland!

After a long, hot summer, it’s time to turn your thoughts inward, toward interior painting for your homes and businesses. Take a look around at your inside spaces, is there a room or area that needs a punch of color or a little sprucing up for the upcoming holiday season? We can help with our Best Interior Sale of the Year, 20% OFF all interior painting completed during November or December!

Happy Autumn!

Lori Weinmann

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Is it too early to think about Exterior Painting?

Although it may seem as though spring will never arrive, it is not too early to begin an exterior painting project. The main thing to consider when starting an exterior painting project is the humidity level, not the temperature. Most of the prep work (scraping, pressure washing, caulking, etc) can be done in iffy weather. Before beginning the priming and painting, we use a moisture meter to test the moisture content of the areas to be painted. This helps ensure a good bond between paint and siding.

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